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ODIN offers a central sight to the performance of Oracle Databases
When databases change their behaviour then this must have causes. ODIN shows changed behaviour and support the DBA by finding the causes.

Software-updates, RDBMS-patches, parameter, DB-design, unstable execution plans, ora-errors, data volume - when things changes the database will react on this.

ODIN shows the impact by offering graphics, tuning activity can be verified, peaks in the graphics may be hints to extraordinary behaviour.

The values from performance views V$SYSTAT, V$SYSTEMEVENT and V$WAITSTAT of remote databases are measured once an hour and their delta values to the values from last scan are used for creating graphics.

Graphics are linked to objectstatistics for tables and indexes By clicking on a peak in a graphics it leads to summed values for all objects which are accessed within a scanperiod of one hour. By drilling down the dba is able to see this or these objects which were accessed in this timeperiod mostly.

From this point the dba may select a linked table with history data for a selected object.

Grafics from chosen metrics are stored in graphics profiles and will be shown in listform. One may add own profiles. By listing the graphics for a profile with the same graphics for a second instance site by site a dba may have a look to the performance of a RAC.
Historical data allow evaluting current data
If execution plans are not stable, indexes missing, data load changes it's volume or application logic changes this have an impact to database performance and therefore to their metrics . These changes may be evaluated in the graphics of the performance metrics, sometimes more, sometimes less noticeable.

The comparison current data with these from the past is emenently noticeable when it is be done with graphics.

Tablespaces and their usage are displayed in a timeline of 21 days. So trends for their usage are recognizeable and the dba may resize datafiles just in time

As an additional feature ODIN offers a place for storing own SQL-scripts which can be executed by a mouse click against an instance..

Documentation is not a favored work for most dbas. ODIN offers a notes function to save important things to know. Why underscoreparameters had been set? Which workaround for ORA errors had been made? Where is further information available on which hosts and folders? Which patch has been installed? For this ODIN offers a central place for documenting Oracle topics.

We would like to invite you on our website to get an impression of ODIN and its usuablility. In our download area you will find a time limited full version of ODIN to evaluate the usauablity for your business.

Do you have questions, criticism or suggestions? Please do not hesitate and contact us by using our contact formular. Thank you very much!

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